does Habitat give houses away?

Habitat houses are not donated or “given” away. Habitat for Humanity builds houses for those in need and then sells the houses to homeowner partners. Because of Habitat’s low-cost loans, and because houses are built principally by volunteers, mortgage payments are affordable for those unable to obtain a home through conventional financing.

who does Habitat serve?

Habitat Orlando & Osceola serves the low and very low income families and individuals in Greater Orlando and Osceola County. Habitat for Humanity works in good faith with people who often are at risk in society, understanding that owning a home is not the answer to every problem. However, it can be an important step – often the first step – toward helping people break the poverty cycle. Partner families are required to invest an average 200-400 hours of “sweat equity” – time spent on the build site and in our Orlando & Osceola ReStores. Because Habitat houses are built using donations of land, material and labor, mortgage payments are kept affordable.

do Habitat houses reduce property values in a neighborhood?

Many studies of low-cost housing show that affordable housing has no adverse effect on other neighborhood property values. In fact, Habitat for Humanity believes its approach to affordable housing can improve neighborhoods and communities by strengthening community spirit, increasing the tax base, and building better citizens through the cooperative efforts involved in Habitat construction.

how does your credit score affect the application process?

While credit history is important, each case is reviewed on an individual basis. We have a partnership with Clearpoint credit counseling and Operation Hope. If an applicant has credit issues, they can help to resolve them.

is there a wait-list to apply for a home?

Habitat Orlando & Osceola has a limited number of home sites in its land inventory. Approved homeowners must complete their sweat equity hours (which may take up to a year or more) before choosing the site of their future home among available lots. Habitat reviews their income, credit and family size to determine what options are affordable for the homeowner to select the lot, floor plan and interior colors of their choice. 

do you only accept families?

Habitat for Humanity accepts applications for single adults and families of any size or makeup.

can Habitat homeowners choose the home they live in?

Homeowners are allowed to select from different sites or units that Habitat is currently building.

do Habitat owners have to be pre-approved by a financial institution?

Habitat homeowners do not get approved by a financial institution. Habitat’s in-house Family Selection Committee completes all approvals.

are Habitat owners allowed to sell their home?

Habitat partner families can sell their home at any time. However, if families used the Down Payment Assistance Program to buy their home, that program has a stipulation stating that if you stay in the home for 10 years (City) or 20 years (County), then the amount of $20,000 – $35,000 you received to purchase the home will be forgiven. If the home is sold before that time, families must pay back the funds in full.

can Habitat help fix homeowner's existing homes with volunteer workers?

Habitat Orlando & Osceola provides painting and minor repairs to existing homeowners through the Neighborhood Revitalization program.

can Habitat build on land owned by homeowners?

Due to the legal complexity and significant risk to both the Homeowner Applicant and Habitat Greater Orlando & Osceola County, it is Habitat’s policy that we will not build on property that is owned or has been previously owned by approved Homeowner Applicants.

is Habitat for Humanity an arm of the government?

Habitat is a non-profit, Christian housing organization. We are not an arm of the government nor an arm of any church or denomination.