When she walks into a room, her joyous spirit is enough to shine light on even the darkest corners. Rhonza is a Navy veteran, dedicated mother of four and our partner for our Women Build 2016 fundraising event!

Betweeen April 23 to May 7, hundreds of women will come together to raise funds and help build a home with Rhonza and her family during our Women Build 2016 event.

When asked how she feels about this upcoming event, she shared, “I can’t wait to finally have a place of our own. I can’t wait for my kids to have peace.”

For the last decade, life has been anything but peaceful for Rhonza and her family. Her eldest son, Saivon, was diagnosed with brain cancer at just nine years old. Though now cancer-free, he still suffers from periodic seizures. Currently, Rhonza lives in a two-bedroom townhome with her three youngest sons, where she sleeps on the couch so the boys can have rooms of their own.

“My family has been through a lot of trauma,” said Rhonza. “But my faith keeps me strong because I know that without a test, there is no testimony. My hope is that by sharing my struggles, I can help others overcome what they may think is the impossible.”

That drive has motivated Rhonza to climb the ranks in her profession, go back to school for nursing and pursue her dream job of becoming a registered nurse. She also couldn’t be more proud of Saivon, who is working as a chef and living on his own.

“Purchasing a home of my own means I can be the role model I need to be for my kids,” added Rhonza. “I believe that there are brighter days ahead and this is just our first step.”