This spring has already been a scorcher and, as your first line of defense against the heat and humidity of Florida, your air conditioning unit is likely already getting a workout! Make sure you take the time to show it some attention (and ward off expensive AC repair bills) with some simple, regular maintenance.

  1. Change your air filter every month, particularly if you live in a house with pets or near a construction area. Dirty air filters can impede airflow to your unit and make the system work harder than it needs to, eventually causing it to break.
  2. While you’re changing your filter, pour ¼ cup of distilled vinegar into your drain line to keep it clear from buildup that can cause it to overflow.
  3. Check your outside AC unit to ensure it has unimpeded airflow and is debris-free.
    Be sure to run a clean cloth or vacuum over your AC return vents in each room to keep them free from dust that can lower the air quality in your home.
    Check the battery on your thermostat periodically to ensure it is operating correctly.

For more information and tips on maintaining a healthy AC system, visit the US Department of Energy website.