The road to becoming a first-time homeowner wasn’t easy for Cherish.

An emergency almost kept her from filling out her application with Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County. Her father passed away during her homeownership journey, understandably making it hard to focus on the process. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to meet Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s program requirements.

Still, Cherish had a goal: To become a homeowner at a young age. She accomplished just that in May 2020 with the help and encouragement of her friends and family as well as Habitat Orlando & Osceola staff.

We marked this amazing achievement with a Home Celebration! Due to COVID-19, we kept the celebration intimate – but did our best to make it special for Cherish.

Cherish, we at Habitat Orlando & Osceola are so impressed by you. You set a goal for yourself to be a homeowner – and you’ve achieved that goal at such a young age. We hope this home offers you peace and stability as you work to complete your next set of goals.

We know that owning a safe home can transform a person’s future. Once free from unsafe housing and rent hikes, homeowners can invest in themselves and their families. Homeowners can instead turn their attention to attaining higher education, better healthcare, and more.

Interested in becoming a first-time homeowner? Visit the Criteria webpage to learn more about our program and its requirements: need, the ability to afford your Habitat home, and a willingness to partner with Habitat Orlando & Osceola.

Ready to apply? Visit our Apply page to see if our applications are open and to begin the process!

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