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A photo of Melissa and JazmineMelissa and Jazmine

Melissa came to Habitat Orlando & Osceola because she and her daughter wanted a place to call home after years of searching for decent and affordable housing. The only place she and her daughter could afford to live was a motel room. Spending more on housing meant going without other necessities like food or doctors’ visits.

She worked hard to meet all of her requirements for Habitat homeownership while working full-time and finally purchased her home in August. “The thought of seeing my daughter in her own room is what motivated me,” Melissa shared. “At the end of the day, all of the sacrifice and hard work has been worth it. I am so thankful to everyone who helped build my home. Thanks to you I am able to walk in my front door and say, I did this! I am a homeowner!”

A photo of Diana & CarmeloDiana and Carmelo

Diana and Carmelo used to live in a cramped mobile home that always needed a lot of repairs. Becoming Habitat homeowners in 2015 has allowed them to create a better, stable life for themselves.

“Now that we own our home, I have the freedom to decorate it like I’ve always dreamed of,” Diana shared. “My passion for interior design has come to life. I believe your home should be a reflection of yourself, and ours is strong and welcoming.”

“There are no words to describe what Habitat and their supporters do for families like mine!”

A photo of BonnieBonnie

Bonnie became a Habitat homeowner in 2008 when she and her 15 year old daughter moved into their home. When her daughter graduated from high school, Bonnie wanted to use her home to help others by becoming foster parent. After taking numerous required classes, she opened her Habitat home to her first foster child. Since then she has cared for 16 children, even choosing to adopt a 14 year old girl a couple years ago.

Bonnie is so grateful to everyone who supports Habitat Orlando & Osceola, making homeownership possible for so many families every year. “It’s awesome to have my own home! I’ve been able to help so many children by giving them a safe home until they were adopted.  Donating to Habitat not only blesses the homeowners, but allows us to be a blessing to others.”