Growing up, Marcella was all too familiar with homelessness – sleeping in cars, going from one shelter to the next and never quite knowing when she would eat. This went on from elementary through high school, and even then, she knew that when she grew up, she would want something different for her kids.

Marcella is now a single mom of two sons, and cares for her three nieces and nephews – all of whom are under ten years old. She also works as a cook for a local hospital. But more importantly, today, she is a homeowner.

“Getting to a point where I could purchase my own home wasn’t easy,” Marcella said. “But with the Habitat team cheering me on, it was well worth the journey. I wish I could pick one favorite part of my home, but the truth is I love it all.”

For some, the four numbers on Marcella’s home represents a permanent address. But for Marcella and her family, it signifies stability and a start to a better future.