On any given afternoon, you’re likely to find both Princess and her son, Javarius, hard at work on homework assignments. Princess is a student at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Elementary Education, and Javarius is a fourth-grader trying to master math, his favorite subject in school.

While peace can be found inside their two-bedroom apartment, the dangers of drugs, guns and violence is something Princess tries to shelter Javarius from every day.

“It’s not fair to my son that he can’t always go out to play,” Princess said. “Sometimes we’ll walk to the park together or he goes outside with his cousins, but even on those days, I’m cautious.”

The two are inseparable and for good reason. At just 18 months old, Javarius was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors found five tumors in his brain and one on his spine. After several rounds of chemotherapy, Javarius is cancer free and has been in remission for eight years. However, frequent hospital trips are still a norm, as the extensive treatments have left him hearing impaired and still recovering from many bone marrow transplant surgeries.

The need to find a safe neighborhood for her son is what ultimately motivated Princess to apply to become a Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando homeowner. Within months of being accepted, she completed her 300 sweat equity hours, all while working at The Home Depot, attending school and being the best single mom she can be.

“I truly believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” added Princess. “I can’t wait to be a homeowner!”

Princess is now just months away from closing on her new Habitat home. She looks forward to hosting family get-togethers where the children are free to safely play outside.