In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we asked to hear from you, our supporters, on some of your most memorable Habitat moments. Here’s a story that we received from Ramon, a Habitat Greater Orlando homeowner.

“In November 1985, a few months before Habitat of Greater Orlando was founded, I had a car accident with permanent consequences. Since then, I have moved around in a wheelchair and suffered back complications.

As Habitat celebrates its 30th anniversary, I celebrate my second year living in a Habitat home that has made my life a lot better in so many ways … not having to move every couple of years … not paying high rent for wheelchair inaccessible places … but paying for my very own place and having a better more hopeful outlook on life.

There are no words to describe how my life has changed for the better, and how appreciative I am for all of those who participated: friends, family, volunteers, and all under the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando organization.”