Being an involved citizen can take many forms, including contacting our elected representatives about important issues.  At Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County, we know that the affordable housing crisis leaves no corner of our state untouched.

If you’re reading this as a Florida resident, you can link arms with us to advocate—today. The time is now.

With just five minutes of your time, you can contact Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about affordable housing at this critical moment for our state. (Seriously!)

The Situation:

  • The Florida legislature has proposed that $125 million of funds allocated to creating and bolstering affordable housing be used instead as general revenue. This removes a substantial amount of affordable housing funds from a region that desperately needs it. Governor DeSantis will soon receive this budget and decide whether to veto or approve this measure.
  • We want DeSantis to veto this proposed sweep and to uphold his position as an advocate and leader for affordable housing.

What YOU can do:

  • Contact Governor DeSantis, using the following sample messaging provided by the Sadowski Coalition, via email or phone (850-717-9337):
    • Dear Governor DeSantis:
      Thank you so much for your support of using all the Sadowski state and local housing trust funds to help Florida’s working families, as well as the elderly and persons with disabilities living on fixed incomes. I am writing to respectfully ask that you line item veto the Legislature’s sweep of Sadowski Trust funds.

      A line item veto from you would:
      Send a message to the legislature that there is no point in sweeping the Sadowski Trust funds to general revenue – as you will veto the sweep; and
      2. Leave those funds ($125 million) in the Sadowski Trust funds for appropriation next year. 

      Governor DeSantis, you have distinguished yourself as a leader on this issue.  We need you to put a stop to the tradition of sweeping the Trust funds by using your line item veto authority to help us out of the housing crisis in Florida. 

      [ Warm Close ]

Why This Matters:

Florida families are paying too high a price to cover the cost of home – sacrificing education, health and more to ensure a roof over their heads. By ensuring these Trust funds are used for affordable housing, we uphold everyone’s right to a safe, decent place to live.