With the outbreak of COVID-19, we – as an entire community – are seeing an impact on our region unlike anything that we have experienced before. As each day passes, more resources are strained, creating even more barriers to those who need affordable housing.

At increased risk are the families Habitat serves. Many of them are living paycheck to paycheck and now have even fewer resources available to them to withstand COVID-19’s impact.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

These families, and those that are applying to our program, do not have the luxury of a backup plan. They will suffer the most from the epidemic at hand, and many are working in the medical field or service industries. We must do everything we can to keep building homes and raising funds for struggling families in our community.

Many Habitat Home families are working on the front lines for the public – stocking shelves to make sure you have supplies, preparing and delivering food, providing critical childcare, and serving in clinics and hospitals that are working so hard to keep everyone well.

Being a homeowner provides security in times of crisis and an affordable home allows people to save money in times of emergency.  We want more families to have that opportunity – to survive and thrive.

Join Habitat and help “bring hope home” for families!  Please give what you can to this critical and unanticipated need – every dollar makes a difference!

Your financial gift will help strengthen our response to COVID-19 and its related issues in the weeks ahead, helping more families in our community find the hope that a home can bring.

I’ll continue to share our progress and I hope you’ll do the same.  Stay in touch. Now more than ever we must be here for one another.  Please share this message with as many as you can.  Follow us on social media and help us share the story that Habitat for Humanity builds homes, communities and hope!

Together, we can bring hope home!

In health and hope,

Catherine Steck McManus, President and CEO

Contact Catherine at ceo@habitatorlandoosceola.org

If you had planned to give to Habitat Orlando & Osceola this year, we ask that you give now. If you are not able to give right now, please know that you are a valued member of our Habitat family. You can help by sharing this message with others. Let’s bring hope home together.