Latisia’s generous and courageous spirit has been evident throughout her path to homeownership with Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County.

She works long hours as a Health Unit Coordinator at a hospital to care for her son and her daughter, who has special needs. Additionally, she is caring for her two young cousins whom she adopted last year to prevent them from entering foster care.

Latisia applied for the homeownership program three times since 2013, working hard to improve her credit standing, before finally being accepted in 2018. She is now debt-free and excited to achieve her dream of homeownership.

When asked about her inspiration to persevere, she said, “I want better for my kids, so I did better. They now have the chance to experience something different.”

Welcome home, Latisia!

Every donation, every dollar makes a difference by helping Habitat Orlando & Osceola provide affordable housing to hardworking homeowners like Latisia. Thank you for supporting our work in Central Florida to build homes, revitalize neighborhoods and strengthen communities.