When we hand a Habitat family their house keys, they receive more than a home.

Those keys unlock a future full of potential thanks to the safe, stable home new Habitat homeowners now own. The instability of their former unstable living conditions becomes part of their past.

This would not be possible without the generous support of Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County supporters: donors, sponsors, volunteers and advocates. Your gift helps transform the lives of local people for the better.

With the recent publishing of our 2019-2020 Impact Report, we took a look back at the 24 families who became homeowners. Here are a few of their stories:


Carol went from a Habitat volunteer to a Habitat homeowner – and crew leader. After years of unstable housing situations, she was ready to become a homeowner. Carol is another of our Builders Blitz 2020 homeowners. Her home was constructed in just 5 days, thanks to Park Square Homes. Park Square, with their subcontractors and vendors, donated the cost of her home. Read more of Carol’s story on our blog. >>


The road to becoming a first-time homeowner wasn’t easy for Cherish, but she stuck to her goal of becoming a homeowner at a young age. 

She met that goal in May 2020 with the help and encouragement of her friends and family as well as Habitat Orlando & Osceola staff.


Homeowner Christina began her Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County homeowner journey in 2018. This mother of five juggled full-time work, parenting, and our partnership requirements – obtaining 200 hours of sweat equity and taking 17 homeownership classes. In March 2020, Christina achieved her dream of owning a safe, affordable home.

Eliezer & Yosmarily

For Eliezer and Yosmarily, moving into a Habitat home means that their family life with daughter Yosmeli will be more comfortable. This couple was one of our Builders Blitz 2020 homeowners. K. Hovnanian Homes, along with their subcontractors and vendors, donated the cost of their home.

Jade & Rosalyn

When they first joined our program, Rosalyn and Jade wrote that they were looking forward to leaving their previously overcrowded living situations. They hope their new affordable home allows them to limit overspending and save more money for emergencies.


Joelle described homeownership as a coming-of-age accomplishment when we first met her. She’s now achieved this rite of passage as well as the security of homeownership for herself and her three children. Owning her own home will give her children a blueprint of sorts, Joelle said.


While undergoing her homeownership journey, Juliet looked forward to watching her children 8-year-old daughter, Juliana, and 2-year-old Romeo, grow into their new home. Juliet was one of our Builders Blitz 2020 homeowners. Jack Jennings & Sons, along with their subcontractors and vendors, donated the cost of their home.


Latisia’s generous and courageous spirit was evident throughout her path to homeownership with Habitat Orlando & Osceola. She applied for the homeownership program three times since 2013, working hard to improve her credit standing, before finally being accepted in 2018. She is now debt-free and excited to achieve her dream of homeownership.

Lavonne & Nathaniel

When we first met Lavonne and Nathaniel a few months ago, they and their five sons were living in a two-bedroom rental that regularly needed serious repairs. 

At the end of March, the family of seven closed on their safe, affordable Habitat home.


“Stability. Ownership. And pretty much mine.” That was future homeowner Michael’s definition of home. His definition became a reality, thanks to his hard work, and a hand up from Habitat Orlando & Osceola along with the Orlando Magic. The basketball franchise helped build Michael’s home.


Patricia began 2020 by celebrating a monumental achievement: closing on her Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County house. She and her four children have since moved into their forever home in the Arbor Bend community.

Watch this video to see all of our new homeowners!