Hurricane Season is around the corner! While the season officially runs from June 1 through Nov. 30, don’t wait to prepare until the storms are upon us. Do a walkthrough of your home, inside and out, making a list of items to secure, repair or strengthen before a storm:
  • Roof: Check out your roof or ask a local roofer to evaluate it for you. Is your roof more than 10 years old? Check the secureness of shingles or any worn areas. Be sure to check again after any significant storms to ensure they weren’t affected. A secure roof is your first line of defense against significant damage to your home during a storm. Remember roof safety! If you don’t have a secure, level ladder that can easily reach the roof of your home, have someone with proper equipment help you, and never stand above the safe standing level indicated on your ladder.
  • Gutters: If you have gutters on your home, make sure they are clean of any leaves or twigs and that all connections are tight. Most gutters are secured using screws, which are easy to evaluate for tightness.
  • Garage doorsInspect each mounting bracket to ensure those connections are also secured tightly.
  • Yard: Identify a location inside your home or garage to store all unsecured yard furniture, equipment, and decorations so they don’t become projectiles during a storm event. Check trees around your home for any loose or dead limbs that could come off and become projectiles during a storm. Proper pruning in spring can ensure your tree remains strong and healthy as it grows.Check out the National Weather Service for great hurricane preparedness tips.