Each day, Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County homeowners inspire us with their hard work and dedication to the dream of owning a safe, decent and affordable place to live. This Mother’s Day, we recognize the outstanding women whose dreams of homeownership are driven by a desire to provide for their families. Here are five reasons that Habitat Orlando & Osceola moms are heroes.

1. They work hard. Along with working a full-time job (in some cases, multiple jobs or attending school as well), Habitat homeowners complete 17 homeownership classes and 200 – 400 sweat equity hours, volunteering with Habitat as their down payment for their home. Add raising a family to that, and Habitat moms are some of the most dedicated people we know. Balancing all these priorities requires stamina, organization and an unfailing work ethic.

Future homeowner Emily works full-time, attends nursing school full-time and parents her two children (full-time, of course!) – all while moving through the homeownership process. Her weeks are hectic to say the least! But she shares that, “I’m trying to create a legacy for my children. I know it’s going to be worth it in the end.”

2.  They are resilient. Many Habitat homeowners have overcome incredibly challenging circumstances. Overcrowded living situations. Substandard housing. Abusive relationships. Loss and grief. Through all these situations, Habitat mothers stay strong for their children, continuing to support and provide for them. No matter how long the homeownership process takes, they persist in order to be the rock for their families.

Said future homeowner Jessica, “Being a mom was never on my to-do list… [I realized] it’s not about me anymore, it’s about her. I need to be able to set an example and support her. Whatever support system I have, it starts with me.”

3. They are strong. The emotional strength of Habitat moms inspires us – just as much as their physical strength! Habitat moms’ emotional strength is inspiring. But so is their physical strength! On the build site, they help raise walls, lift trusses, install siding, lay sod, and more. While completing their sweat equity hours and classes, Habitat mothers gain a whole new skill set and strength, preparing and empowering them to care for their very own home.

4. They are focused on their goals. Becoming a Habitat homeowner is not It requires a significant investment of time and energy, and perseverance throughout the process. Many of our Habitat moms apply for homeownership through Habitat Orlando & Osceola more than once before being approved.

They work hard to improve their credit, pay back debt, and ensure that their income meets federal requirements. Their dedication sets a powerful example for their children about commitment to your goals and persevering through hardships.

5. They are selfless, daring to dream bigger for the next generation of their family. We ask many of our Habitat homeowners about their source of inspiration and drive through their homeownership journey.

And for many Habitat moms, their key driving force is providing a better future for their children. Empowering them to achieve their aspirations. Providing the freedom and creativity of having their own room. Securing a place of safety and stability. All these motivations keep Habitat moms going as they work to give their children more.

Future homeowner Latisia shared her story at Arbor Bend on Lowe’s International Women Build Day. “I want better for my kids, so I did better. They now have the chance to experience something different,” she says.

This Mother’s Day, give a gift to Habitat Orlando & Osceola in honor of your mother or an inspiring woman in your life. Let her know how much you care, while giving a hand up to hard-working individuals in our community who need your support to provide a safe, affordable place for their families to live.