Alight Solutions believes in the power of people. That’s a core value the multinational provider of human capital solutions shares with Habitat for Humanity.

The Orlando office of Alight has supported Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County’s work to build affordable housing in Central Florida since 2003.

We checked in with Mukta Rijal, director of customer care in Health and Wealth Solutions at Alight, to hear how partnering with Habitat has furthered the company’s philanthropic mission.

Two women smile in a giant frame

Alight’s Mukta Rijal and Nikki Robin at a recent Builders Blitz.

Habitat: We so appreciate that Alight Solutions has been a longtime supporter of Habitat Orlando & Osceola. What drove our two organizations to begin working together?

Mukta: Initially, we started working with Habitat because it was an engaging, hands-on way for our colleagues to serve our local community and come together outside of the four walls of our office in solidarity. But as we learned more about the organization’s mission and focus, and spent more time with the Habitat leaders, we recognized that our organizational values aligned so well, and this strengthened our appreciation for what Habitat stands for. It prompted us to expand our partnership and work together through the years.

Habitat: What is Alight Solutions’ mission when it comes to philanthropy, and how does working with Habitat Orlando & Osceola help further that mission?

Mukta: One of Alight’s core values is People Matter, and it embodies a belief in the power of people. Key tenets in this value are accountability over our own actions and mindfulness that we can affect the lives of millions in meaningful ways. This belief in accountability and the power of people is mirrored in Habitat’s work in enabling individuals to take control of their own homeownership while providing them with the skills and support system to do so.

Habitat: What about Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s own mission resonated with Alight Solutions?

Mukta: It’s definitely the people-centric view that Habitat embraces. At Alight we believe in putting individuals first, whether it is our customers or our colleagues. Everything we do, from our technology to our products and solutions, is built with individuals in mind and how we can support them. Habitat also does this by rallying the community and its efforts around individuals and families, with the intent that a neighborhood can be revitalized and a community strengthened one homeowner at a time.

Alight Solutions team on the build site in 2019

Habitat: We’ve loved hosting volunteers from Alight Solutions on our past projects! How has the experience working on Habitat homes benefited them? 

Mukta: One of the biggest draws for us in working on Habitat projects is their tangible nature. Unlike what we do at work every day, these projects allow us to touch, feel, see and even smell the impact of our work in a new home. I had personally never worked on any type of home project even on my own home before I first volunteered with Habitat. There was such joy in picking up some of the tools and putting my time and energy on a home that I knew would be part of something bigger; that it would be a huge milestone for someone, and I was leaving my physical mark on it in a small way.

I believe that each of us has walked away from volunteering on these projects with just a little more swag, knowing we were able to contribute to someone’s life in such a tangible way.

Habitat: What about Habitat Orlando & Osceola has kept you involved with us?

Mukta: The partnership has been tremendous. You’ve made a point of staying connected with us, reaching out to us with news and updates on what you are focused on, and how you are evolving your efforts over time. It is important for us to know that the community partner we choose to work with remains attentive to both the individual victories of homeowners, as well as the broader impacts to the community around you. Your invitations to join larger community events and be part of something so important has been a big motivator.

Alight Solutions team presenting a donation on the build site in 2019

And more recently, learning how you’ve taken initiative to continue the momentum of your work despite the challenges of the pandemic has been inspiring to see. In Habitat Orlando & Osceola, we see a partner that will not stop helping people and setting them up for success, and that aligns well with our own values.

Habitat: What would you say to other organizations that are considering donating, volunteering or partnering with Habitat Orlando & Osceola? 

Mukta: “Say yes!” Alight colleagues have experienced firsthand that partnering and volunteering with Habitat Orlando & Osceola have not only benefitted the organization, the homeowners and the community but that it has benefitted them on a personal level.

We’ve experienced gratification in being able to participate in community service and make a positive impact on someone. We’ve learned about the ways that Habitat educates the community and truly sets up homeowners for success. We’ve felt compelled to join Habitat’s goals of empowerment and enabling long-term success.

There are many in our own organization who struggle with having their own home and could potentially qualify as homeowners. Knowing there is an organization out there that supports such people is heartening and partnering with them is rewarding.

You can help more local families experience the peace and freedom of owning an affordable home. When you donate to Habitat Orlando & Osceola, every dollar helps us build homes and work toward a world where everyone has a safe and affordable place to live. You can impact lives through homeownership; please give today.