Tyresher just closed on her home. Applying for a Habitat home was her fiancé’s idea. She and her fiancé agreed to achieve this goal together. Tyresher’s fiancé was killed in 2007, when she was six months pregnant. After he died, Tyresher felt an obligation to fulfill his dream of owning a Habitat home. Tyresher was repeatedly denied due to low credit, but in 2015 she worked hard to improve her score. In 2016, she was finally accepted.

Tyresher loves watching HGTV, and Fixer Upper is her favorite show. She loves her new home and said she doesn’t have any plans to change it. “It’s already so nice. I don’t want to mess it up,” she said. “The kitchen and floors are beautiful. That’s some HGTV stuff.”

She knew that she would succeed through the program by staying focused, having complete faith and staying grounded. “This has been a huge blessing for my family,” she said.

For Tyresher, nothing about the process was too difficult. “The hardest part was improving my credit, but the homeownership classes helped me grow up,” she said. “They helped me manage my money, save and keep my good credit.”

Her daughter and three sons also helped contribute to her sweat equity hours. Tyresher needed to complete 200 sweat equity volunteer hours and her children contributed 10 hours for achieving  good grades. Her children are 16-year-old Brian, 14-year-old Briesha, 10-year-old Bryce, and 8-year-old Brandon.

She even met her best friend through the process. “Our daughters went to elementary school together and were best friends and we didn’t know,” she said. Kaneatra, her new best friend, closed on her home a few months ago. “Our houses are down the street from each other.”